Our RO Membranes portfolio consists of thin film separation technology products that are highly effective in residential and commercial water purification. Both the tap and brackish water reverse osmosis elements boost performance to a prime level while reaching an unparalleled sustainability impact by reducing waste water.

Achieve reduced energy by up to 20% while improving the permeate quality by up to 60% with the new brackish water reverses osmosis elements for industrial applications. Leveraging proven and highly effective technologies these thin film separation products reject more dissolved solids and organics, and use less energy to produce permeate, than ordinarily available elements of other brands. From use in tap water to brackish water purification, these separations elements portfolio achieve high, yet cost-effective, performance through their ability to:

  • Tolerate a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Operate very efficiently at lower pressures.
  • Maintain excellent structural and pH stability.
  • Resist bacterial growth.
  • Produce excellent membrane flux and salt rejection

Each reverse osmosis element is manufactured on high tech machines with upmost quality considerations to give the prime performance.